Safety Tips: Avoid Outdoor Recreation After Rain

Modified Jeep rentalOutdoor recreation is a lot of fun. Hiking or jeeping or biking can be one of the best ways to get some exercise, as well as experience all that nature has to offer. Summertime can also be a great opportunity for many different kinds of outdoor activities. However, just like the rest of the year, the weather can cause some problems, especially in places like Moab. While much of the summers in Moab are very hot, summer rain is also pretty common, and this can make outdoor recreation difficult, or even dangerous. Firstly, there are the normal rain issues to consider; making roads dangerous, or making it easier for one to get lost, as well as lowering the temperature. However, there are other issues as well, such as the effect the rain has on sandstone.

When sandstone gets wet, it absorbs the water, kind of like a sponge. As a result, the rock will stay wet for longer periods of time than other kinds of rock. Even after the ground itself has dried, and even after the stone doesn’t look wet any more, it could still be holding water, and that can be dangerous. Holding the water makes sandstone more brittle, and easier to break, so even just standing on sandstone outcroppings can be a little dangerous after a heavy rain. Furthermore, when the stone is still wet it can be very slippery, and this can cause a lot of accidents and injury. Because of these dangers, it is advised that people wait a day or two after rainfall before going to enjoy the outdoors.

Waiting to do some outdoor recreation because of the rain can be disappointing, but as the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. Stay safe, and have fun out there!

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