Hiking With Dogs: The Dos and Don’ts

Beautiful Moab 01Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. It’s a lot of fun, can keep one healthy, and is perfect for those with dogs as well. Hiking with dogs can help the dogs stay in shape, and get their energy out, and can be just a wonderful way to spend time with them. However, there are some things one should be aware of when hiking with their dogs, so here are some ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ for hiking with dogs:

Firstly, be careful about where you are hiking. There are only certain trails that allow dogs, so it is important to only be on the right trails. Furthermore, even if dogs are allowed on certain trails, it is important to be aware of what kind of trails they are. Trails with a lot of cliffs or ledges can be dangerous to dogs, especially if there are multiple dogs on the trail and they start running and playing. Being aware of the area is an important part of keeping your beloved pet safe.

Secondly, make sure to have plenty of water. This is true for any kind of outdoor recreation, but having water while hiking with dogs helps to keep your dog safe and healthy. If you notice them panting a lot or looking tired, take a rest and have them drink some water. This can help keep them from getting too hot, and helps them rebuild their energy as well. In addition, hiking somewhere with water (such as by or in creeks) can be a good idea as well to help your dog stay cool.

With these tips, hiking with your dog should be a little bit safer, as well as easier. Make sure to have all the right gear, and to be properly prepared if one is doing other outdoor activities with dogs as well, such as jeeping or biking.

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