Big Changes in 2014

It is amazing to think that Canyonlands Jeep Adventures is now entering it’s tenth year in business. I cannot believe how fast the last few years have gone. Steve and I started out wanting to create a business that cared about our customers, while providing reliable Jeeps for people to get out into the backcountry. As we looked at what was in Moab at the time, the reputation for the businesses that were currently doing what we were doing was not great. As Steve and I were eating breakfast one day at the Moab Diner we thought we could probably do this better. And we set out to create a company that we would want to visit and that we would want to give our business too.
We joke around that the first few years in business were tough and they were. We  were scared to death that no one would come or be able to find us. People did start to come and rent from us and you know what we liked them. They were just like us! They had families and were looking for adventure and the ability to see the sights on their own terms. Which later lead us to our motto – Your Adventure, Your Way! Some would tell us stories about other companies and we could not figure it out. We were having a great time, and we still are.

Fast Forward 10 years to present day – We have moved into the Moab Adventure Center where we still run a stand alone operation and still strive to treat our customers with the up most respect while still providing high quality Jeeps. And guess what? We are still having fun! We now have 16 Jeeps and now we have some cars that we rent as well. We are excited to see where we are going. We will always continue strive to create the best possible vacation for our guests. Some of the simple things we have done to make sure our guests have an amazing time in Moab and with Canyonlands Jeep Adventures:

  • We discuss with our guests where they want to go and then we offer suggestions to trails that will take them to see what they are wanting to see.  We have yet to have someone come back and say the scenery was terrible.
  • We make sure our guests have a cooler full of ice and water. This is complimentary!
  • We have spent years creating a trail guide, that we update every few years. We give to our guests a free copy to take on the trail with them.
  • We are the only company in Moab that offers free Satellite radio in all of our Jeeps.
  • We also have a wide selection of 2 and 4 door models to choose from.

We are excited to see what the next 10 years bring. Moab is a great place and we could not be more excited to see what it has in store.



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